Gaobo & Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Announce Partnership

January 7, 2019

On January, Gaobo Medical Group and Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine announced that they would cooperate in the areas of diagnosing and treating various forms of cancer The two parties will cooperate on training doctors in interdisciplinary approaches to medical treatment, as well as setting up joint research facilities and constructing research hospitals in China.

Gaobo Medical Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hillhouse Capital, explores a wide range of models for scientific research and talent development. It looks to integrate facets of Chinese and Western medicine to offer patients innovative cancer treatment options. By working together with Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gaobo will be able to leverage a clear leader in the field. For its part, Gaobo will help the development of, and increase the accessibility to, traditional Chinese medicine approaches that are quickly gaining credibility in the industry as overlooked resources to tackle some of society’s most serious diseases.

「We believe that this partnership offers a whole host of possibilities to provide Chinese patients new options that will improve their quality of life,」 said Michael Yi, a partner at Hillhouse Capital’s healthcare practice.

In addition to its work with Gaobo, Hillhouse has long been focused on improving access to outstanding medical treatment, including its investments in BeiGene, Wuxi Apptec and others.